Looking for an awesome cheap videographer In Bangalore?

I have a line on a shoestring budget and want to tell my story. What should I do?

This is a question we get quite often!

Well, let me save you some time. If you are looking for a wedding videographer or photographer, this article is not for you. \”Click\” to get a list of some awesome wedding teams!

Else read on my friend!

Finding An Awesome Cheap Videographer 101


This guide will help you find the best yet not so cheap videographer In Bangalore, but also help you get your money\’s worth.
Define your requirements.
Defining your requirements to your Videographers in Bangalore. This gives you an upper hand as a client!
Give them an understanding that you know the process, and you have a clear understanding of the pricing too.
You can start a conversation with them, you can compare the prices, maybe talk about the value you are getting. If you are not sure what you want, go back to the drawing board and check for 4P’s Of Story Telling.

These four P’s of storytelling will help you define your video.

  • People

Keep your story revolving around people. This helps connect with the audience.

  • Place

Incorporate visuals of a place that reate to your audience.

  • Plot

No explination needed here! Keep it simple and closley defined around the message.

You can read about the 4P\’s here!

How much does a videographer cost in Bangalore?

Well, it really depends, what he/she brings to the table.
Experience is worth paying for, period!
Fancy equipment does not always mean the best videos produced.

Fill up this small form below to understand how to go about building a small ref. A document that you can refer to while talking to your video production company.

You can also use the acronym ‘READ’ to develop your story:
R – Research your target audience:
Keeping the characters of that audience in mind, build your story in such a way that they might empathize with it.
E – Establish your story:
Frame your story with a clear beginning, middle, and end incorporating the key story elements mentioned above.
A – Add the details:
Make sure to personalize some of them, so you can make that important connection with the listener.
D – Distribute:
Get your story out through whatever medium or platform your target audience typically appreciates and uses.

No one wants a videographer who plans to shoot videos Without a goal in mind.

Involving them in storyboarding is important so that you and your team are on the same visual page.
Now that you are equipped with all this information it will be easy for you to have a conversation with your video production team. Having all this knowledge comes handy while talking about video pricing.

What is a Good Average Hourly Rate for Video Production?

I can\’t afford to hire a videographer for a big project.

I want to shoot a promotional video for my product and I don\’t have the budget for it.
Production costs vary from site to site.

Talk to our team about the rates and how we can help. Whether you are looking for an indie film or a pre-made product video, we can provide you with the perfect option for you.

We\’ll create an amazing video for your product, even if you don\’t have a budget! We\’re going to take care of all the details, so you don\’t have to – from production to post-production to delivery.
Just send us a brief outline of what you want!

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