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Creating A Great Video Strategy In 2021

I am sure you have heard this term before probably in context to video marketing strategy but what really is that and how to build one?

You might have a vague idea that video strategy involves a lot of research and marketing it requires a lot of planning and a good nut pitch directed at your ideal customer all these things do come and play a major role while developing video strategy however let\’s make things simple here\’s a simple definition for you

What Is A Great Video Strategy?

Simply Put

Determining the best way to create and publish a video in order to push it to your preferred audience. 

Successful video strategy and video production involve recipes with great ingredients to put together a great video however content is only a small piece of the recipe.

Knowing your audience

I know this line is very cliche however knowing your audience, in other words, understanding who you really marketing to makes a world of a difference who are you creating this video for and how does your product or service solve a problem for the ones who are viewing it.  How does it appeal to them, how will it make their lives easier and who is your ideal buyer.

Determining Your End Objective For Goal

Before you start determining the end goal and building a plan towards achieving it you and your video production company need to understand your overall strategy for your business.   you need to determine how you want to connect with your customers whether it\’s three YouTube ads through television or through articles. Are you looking to tell a story to inspire your customers or you\’re looking to give more information about a product, ideally it\’s up to you and how you want to start determining your end objective?

Sometimes you could be doing a video to fix a certain segment of issues with customers and sometimes it\’s just building a loyal customer fanbase. is really important to determine what your mission is and how you\’re going to accomplish it by determining the end objective of your goal.

Crafting Customer Experience And Journey With Your Video Production Company 

Will you go out that enables the strategy for your video you need to understand where you want to bump into your customer whether is right at the beginning of the launch of the product or is it during the mid-segment where you are trying to show them in your new features I tried to introduce them to features they haven\’t been used sofa so determining where you want to bump into your customers and create that customer experience and start a journey for your customers is also something that you need to think about very often.

It also could boil down to very simple add dynamics the audience would you like them to view a pop-up ad would you like them to find you while they going to the Facebook feed for Instagram feed and its really it is important to develop the entry of your brand your customer\’s journey at the right and appropriate time through the right medium of course.

Thinking about these things will help you understand or strategy better and would help you build and design a smarter campaign and approach that will help craft a better experience and a better journey for your customers down the line.  so in a nutshell it\’s you as a brand determining how you want your customers to experience your brand and its values.

Call To Action

Finally when you add runs across these various platforms or in the manner that you\’ve chosen and your customers are starting to few and react to the campaigns that you started to put out what do you want them to ultimately do how do you want them to interact with the brand how do you want them to interact back with the brand is as important and you should be able to capitalize on the call-to-action so developing a strategy is important but also understanding how you want your customers to engage back with the brand is also very important

All this will help improve your return on investment on each campaign, collateral, or video that you put out trying to get your brand out there, to your going-to-bed customers.

I hope that makes sense and I look forward to discussing a few more call to action methods and how we can improve and create a strategy around getting the right leads and generating more business.

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