Best Music Video Production Bangalore

Best Music Video Production Bangalore | 2023

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Best Music video production Bangalore

Are you an artist looking to partner with the best music video production Bangalore house to create a music video?

What are some things to consider for music video production in Bangalore?

First of all, let\’s check, did you Google “Best Music Video Production Bangalore”

And find any music video production team that you could identify your style with? Are you able to relate to their vibe?

if not then read on!

A few things to consider for Music video production

Creating a storyboard

As an artist, you might have everything planned out in your mind, you know exactly how everything is gonna look; but does that translate to your music video film crew, do they know?

The easiest way to do that is to create a storyboard, it might sound silly but a storyboard is a representation of everything you have planned out so that everybody on the team can easily understand your story and vision. 

Trust me It will be a lot easier to get the rest of the steps right after this. 

Have a budget in mind 

You have to understand that there are a few upfront costs that you might be looking at and you need to list them out and have a very clear idea of what you will be spending throughout the entire video production for your song. Best Music Video Production Bangalore not necessarily means having a large budget. 

These costs could vary from renting a camera to paying for the location.  You might need a makeup artist, supporting actors, lighting tech, camera gear, additional lenses, an assistant. Not to intimidate you but yeah the key is to plan, so u know fully well before you start shooting a full-fledged music video.

Having a budget in mind not only gives you the peace of mind that you have everything planned out but you also giving equal opportunity for the director of the one who is producing the video to have complete freedom on set, Pre-production, and production. 

Some of the budgets that you have planned out could be an advance that you need to push out to the videography team, location, lighting, etc. 

Resource Document | FREE Film Budget Template for Video Production

Stay under the budget

Well, figuratively speaking, Best Music Video Production Bangalore now means u need to have a budget plan: you need to ensure that you stay within or under the budget. By no chance could you be exceeding that budget. This is a conversation you need to have with your production team and be very clear about the fact that this is a budget that I will be working with and I will not go above and beyond this budget no matter what happens.

There are a lot of companies you start working and then eventually you realize that you are going beyond budget,  but you need to put your foot down and save the trouble of having this discussion later. 

Location planning

If you are looking at shooting the Best Music Video Production Bangalore, also means you need a great location.

This is one of the most critical or important aspects of planning and executing a great music video. A location can make or break a video. It\’s not of every time, you find the perfect location, sometimes you have to put aside a budget that is slightly higher and beyond your current planned budget.

If you have a location in hand and just in case something comes up, be sure to have at least one backup location. I have had that happen to me at the last moment so I learned that from experience that I need to have a backup every single time because a lot of people are involved in video production. 


Tip | The Key is to maximizing location, using as many angles that you can in that particular location; have a good eye for what angle should work. 

Something that we need to keep in mind we have limited locations. 

Makeup artist

This might seem like an extra expense but trust me I\’ve worked on a lot of videos where a makeup artist can do magic. Understand sometimes you might have a low budget and the models themselves say they can do the makeup, but trust me spending the extra cash on a makeup artist really goes a long way. Trust me every time you see someone on screen with makeup and done well,  you know that is professionally done and it looks great. Your work will stand out. Bangalore, has some great makeup artists. you can easily find one Here!


Lighting is key to shooting any video.  Be sure you have a fair idea of what your lighting is going to look like in your video,  These are the things that you should have already discussed during the pre-production and planning stage or during storyboarding. It\’s key to discuss with your DP or your producer and spend some time discussing your final lighting look. doing this 


A golden tip here | Every time you plan to do a music video you will be running to the same people more often, so please be nice to the crew. Please ensure that you have a good relationship and healthy relationship with your crew, dont be burning bridges because it will be difficult to work with the same people again.  After all, you need them to work on your next project so just don\’t burn any bridges. It does take a lot of hard work from the team to produce what you would define as the as Best Music Video Production Bangalore


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