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Best Bangalore Real Estate Marketing Videos Agency 2021

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Are you looking for the Best Bangalore Real Estate Marketing Videos Agency?

Best Bangalore Real Estate Marketing Videos Agency; not only attracts more viewers but also tends to convert higher when it comes to your clients wanting to visit your location.  videos that are done well and correct can convey a lot more motion than images so that\’s why the market is now leaning towards real estate video content more and bringing down the simple old image content that was traditionally used earlier.

According to a Tech Trends report, 73% of homeowners are more likely to engage with a realtor who offers to do a video listing. People are constantly consuming video content like never before.  it\’s 50x easier to achieve a Google ranking on the first page with a video than with an image or written content. .

Real estate marketing videos generate a lot more eyeballs on your listing through Search Engine Optimisation but also generate a lot more traffic through social media at the moment.

many great real estate websites have now started placing videos on their pages rather than using images to convey their properties because they know for a fact that videos convert a lot higher than traditional images.  video content stand out and is more engaging to your viewers than ever before choosing the right agency to create a marketing video for you when it comes to real estate is important and there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before you commit to an agency to start creating video content for you.

Make your videos more human 

Buying a house or property is a very personal experience so having a human touch to it is very important if you\’re selling a house for example you could have we know if you show the owners for the kids playing the way you can showcase the house in his actual form.  there are many ways to get creative and show home videos that connect and create an emotion with the viewers.

Leverage the power of 360 video

When you selling something tangible online is really hard to represent the beauty of a physical product in a two-dimensional world so use the power of 360 video which is quite easily accessible nowadays to put your video right in front of your views and give them experience beyond just the two-dimensional traditional method of video

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Sell the lifestyle value of the property

Depending on your property it could be very easy to sell the lifestyle value of the property by adding props and storyline and accentuating the luxury that we property has which could elevate the experience and connect with your potential buyers beyond the traditional methods

Customer Testimonials

Without a doubt, property listings go hand in hand with reviews and testimonials and testimonials help build trust with the brand and especially with homeowners for property owners Being Happy and talking about the happiness in videos really helps instill that honesty and confidence if they trying to sell the property and to the next potential buyer and I am sure there will be willing to come in for a quick demo for this quickly jumping to see the place in person and that helped you get at least your foot in the door to start the conversation about you know your sales

Keep your video short

Every second of your video is extremely important and you have to keep your viewer\’s interest level high. the video status tik sellers that only 37% of the Weavers make it to the last second of the video so it\’s important to keep that interest throughout the video and not make it boring create interest by emotion by creating emotion and what you created motion you have to drive through the rest of the video with ease.

If you need help getting started on your first video feel free to give us a call or drop us a line and will get back to you and doing start discussing your marketing with your projects and we\’ll take it from there and I\’m sure we\’ll be able to do something great together


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Watch this video by Hurlingham to see what I mean.

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